First authorized driving school for foreigners in Japan 
where you will be exempt from the practical test at the License Office.

  • Making friends with people from various countries will help you learn a lot.
  • your traning from registration to graduation.

Our business hours will change as follows from 31st March.

・Weekdays 9:30-20:30

・Saturdays 9:30-20:30(AKITSU School,SEIJO School 9:30-18:30)

・Sundays and national holidays: 9:30-18:30 (as usual)

A time schedule of some of pick up buses may change.

Type of Vehicle Training

  • Regular motor vehicle
  • Large-sized Motorcycle
  • Middle-sized Motorcycle
  • Small-sized Motorcycle
  • Middle-sized motor vehicles
  • Special heavy equipment / Trailer
  • Training for "Paper drivers(those who lack actual driving experience)"

Location and Inquiries