Policies regarding Personal Information Security

Koyama Driving School complies with following policies upon dealing with your personal information.

1. Koyama Driving School complies with current legal imperatives regarding personal information security.
2. Upon management of such information, we take appropriate security measures to prevent loss, destruction, irregular alteration, leakage and any potential endangerment of information with utmost effort.
3. Your personal information is only used for following purposes:
  (1) To carry out instruction services stipulated by the road traffic law.
  (2) To dispatch following information and questionnaires via post, phone call and e-mail.
Notifications of services and offers related to our instruction program, and of amendments in the road traffic law.
Notifications of events, and recruit information for instructors. The questionnaire survey will be done to improve our services. We will terminate dispatch of abovementioned information upon your request.
4. Personal information provided by our customers is not to be used by/handed over to third party members under any circumstance.
5. An individual holds the rights to decline and terminate the use of own personal understand that if there is retention period of such information stipulated by law, there may be circumstances unable to terminate such information of yours.
6. We require submission of specified documents upon your request or the substitute to disclose personal information and make amendments (addition, correction & deletion) to the disclosed information. In order to provide you the aforementioned documents, identification (driving license and letter of procuration in case of the substitute) is compulsory. Fee for disclosing personal information is 500 yen per section.
7. We use a shredder/media shredder upon disposal of any personal information.
Please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address to make enquiries about personal information, and its disclosure.

Personal Information Advisor Futako-Tamagawa School 03-5716-5888
1 June 2018
Personal information protection manager
Koyama Driving School Inc.